I Bought a 4x4 Lincoln and Blew it up 

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I bought a 4x4 Lincoln Towncar
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Jun 8, 2021




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Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin 6 days ago
What do you think of our fine purchase?
brassman5 9 hours ago
PLEASE tell me that you are going to rebuild this!
Troy Rodriguez
Troy Rodriguez 10 hours ago
Westen there’s a dude on Facebook pretending to be you saying that people have won $20,000 I’ve messaged you on face book the screen shot just make people aware brother And keep up the good work
Maybe you need to get drunk
Hell at frame haven't seen the whole video but that's my guess
Rey Annubis
Rey Annubis Day ago
The lincon is the one on dallas close the 175 and belt line?
Hans Lohof
Hans Lohof 37 minutes ago
ill buy it
Trinton Fryar
Trinton Fryar 53 minutes ago
You have earned a happy subscriber...
Reflex Hour ago
You should put a Hemi engine in it. But before make sure to put on a good exhaust pipe
Christopher Lawrence
The reason why it runs like that is probably because they sent it a little bit too hard through a mud bug and speaking since I live in Arkansas probably
Mazen Al-Dakkak
Mazen Al-Dakkak 2 hours ago
it really sounds like those vtec lawn mowers.
Nathan Hobart
Nathan Hobart 2 hours ago
Put a old tractor motor in it...
megamanzero88 2 hours ago
"Oh my god, this drives good" hat almost comes off. Lmao
PixelPanda29 4 hours ago
“This thing drives good” you should drive your ass to the gym
Joe Witchell
Joe Witchell 5 hours ago
Please don’t get shot of this car we need to see you 12 valve swap it
JTBOWMAN gaming channel
Put a Cummins in it and 30 inche mud tires
Joseph sellin
Joseph sellin 6 hours ago
Swap it less head ache
Eric Loftis
Eric Loftis 6 hours ago
If you still have the ecoboost that came out of the Smoke Stang, you should put that in it.
doire aintu
doire aintu 7 hours ago
“This is built on pure America! what the fuck is that?” hahahaha loved that part
damaineman86 7 hours ago
Man this is legit definitely needs a 12 valve!
Gary Bentley Sr
Gary Bentley Sr 8 hours ago
I see a cummins going in. My question is how did a show car get in that condition
doire aintu
doire aintu 7 hours ago
Jesus cut your hair...fat and has a mop on his head.
KraZy Joe 67!
KraZy Joe 67! 10 hours ago
WOW! What an awesome wasteland car you so need to take it to atomic falls in Oklahoma on the 23 to 27 2021 you will fit right in.
outlaw lawn crafts
outlaw lawn crafts 10 hours ago
Just drop another 4.6 in it and have some fun that thing would make awesome content
KYI pro
KYI pro 11 hours ago
Put a vtec in it its going to be the best lincoln ever
Junk Yard
Junk Yard 12 hours ago
A guy around here used to build stuff like that, but a lot better. He actually drove his for a while then sold them and built another. He wanted $2500 for one about 10 yrs ago; I wish I had bought it now. The best one he built was from an El Camino.
Miguel Castaneda
Miguel Castaneda 12 hours ago
just go up big bear end of big bear blvd..when start getting near sugar loaf..capri...monte carlo and a few others 4×4...sitting
David Firth
David Firth 13 hours ago
1500 all day worth about 6g where I am
Charles Holley
Charles Holley 13 hours ago
You should just swap it?
famous moon
famous moon 19 hours ago
Normally its cadillacs on truck frames
Dustin Nelson
Dustin Nelson 19 hours ago
I swear i saw that car in Texas lol. In a small town on the way to Houston from Lubbock!
ChillinCloud 20 hours ago
I’m new to your channel and so far, i can tell I’m going to love your channel lol
2010HondaCivic EX-L
I liked how I got a Lincoln ad before this video
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 22 hours ago
“Everyone who has worked on this thing was drunk” “We wired the fuel pump to the trunk light”
Promis Smith
Promis Smith 23 hours ago
It sounds like a 6.0 power stroke
Dt KC 23 hours ago
Coyote swap it
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 22 hours ago
I see great potential for a Cummins or duramax swap 😎
Tuck Riles
Tuck Riles Day ago
Jesus cut your hair...fat and has a mop on his head.
Donovan Belvin
I thi k it needs a 12v cummins with a 5 speed
Darrell Blair
do you want to sale the 4x4 lincoln
Steffan R
Steffan R Day ago
Take the body off and put a Tesla on it or a trackhawk👀
Tyson james
Tyson james Day ago
That's crazy my cousin sent me that and said u should buy it and now you've got it 😂😂
SonofaLeach Day ago
When are you going to finish the 1st gen?
Wayne Baldwin
My dad has a 05 Colorado and I actually get to drive it and I’m 12 years old lol once I drove to Ohio by myself to pick up my dad to pick up my dad‘s Germanshepherd
Wayne Baldwin
Grandmas 2.0 car lmao 🤣 when grandma does not get to cake Drive through the window of the bakery in a lifted Lincoln lmao
Bryan Day ago
Missed the greatest opportunity to put whistlin diesels buggy wheels on it and take a pic like lebanon levi
Beatle4 Day ago
First time I've seen one of your videos and I gotta say, thanks for the laughs.
Akersjon 278
Akersjon 278 Day ago
A genuine show car from Arkansas, don't those usually come with a couple of piglets and some chewing tobacco? 😉👍
Who needs brakes. brakes are for quitters lmao
Those 4.6L engines are cheap. Junkyard swap it
Chris young
Chris young Day ago
Westling diesel
Brandon s
Brandon s Day ago
I see great potential for a Cummins or duramax swap 😎
Ethan Long
Ethan Long Day ago
Powerstroke swap it
Florentino Rubio
I almost committed suicide when I found out I had herpes virus, I was going through a health blog when I saw how a woman testified of how Dr IGUDIA on USlift cured her and I decided to contact him, to my greatest shock he actually cured me and now I test negative
Fat whistlen diesel FINALLYY
Jram1292 Day ago
Sounds like a strong ass lawnmower
Derrick Rodvelt
I think the Lincoln is the perfect car for you to take and visit Hoovie's Garage in Wichita.
Cody Dunn
Cody Dunn Day ago
Smokes like the smokstang, sounds like the smokstang, must be the smokstang in disguise. 😂 😂 😂
40Cal Reef
40Cal Reef Day ago
Get a good running engine and a transmission, then you might have something there. Might want to put a real gas tank on that fucker as well.
Arahmat 12345
Krampus Day ago
Man why you copying whistlin
Brycelord 010
It sounds like a frickin Simi truck
Brycelord 010
It sounds like a frickin Simi
drop a 12 valve you already have experience with Ford and Cummins
FreedomFirst Day ago
How much is your body curb weight ratio when getting off the toilet
Jose Carrillo
Put a Cummings in it.
Victor Carreras
cummins swap incoming?
Bryce Owens
Bryce Owens Day ago
Put a 12 valve in it
smoka bowl
smoka bowl Day ago
Love this content
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Day ago
“Everyone who has worked on this thing was drunk” “We wired the fuel pump to the trunk light”
Christian Hillman
I hear a Cummins swap
When's the Whistlindiesal collab?
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Day ago
5:00 I'm no expert but I do believe this engine is coil on plug, not coil on windshield.
TwiTch Day ago
"it needs a Cummins" 🤣🤣
Allen VanSteenwyk
Rave Master
Rave Master Day ago
Small block chevy swap
Bill McGee
Bill McGee Day ago
I used to have a 1974 Chevy Nova 4dr on a 1970 Blazer frame with 1956 Caddy tail lights and I loved that car, it was freakin fun.... your purchase is just the sort of toy to have fun in....
Michael Bauerle
This guy should not breed
Grizzly Sin Gaming
please do something stupid with this like cummins swap it
William Sanders
William Sanders 2 days ago
I need this in my life
Bryson Burns
Bryson Burns 2 days ago
Are you selling a tractor
CrazyCrap 2 days ago
It's firing on like 3 cylinders
SCUBA Steve 2 days ago
Damn Westen, I thought for a minute Matthew McConaughey was driving this Lincoln.
Paratrooper McCown
a money PIT....
Raymond Esparza
Raymond Esparza 2 days ago
Legit sounds like my old lawnmower 🤣
megadethGUY M
megadethGUY M 2 days ago
This car looks so cool lmao
Dinesh Barda
Dinesh Barda 2 days ago
He so funny guy
Andrew Hunt
Andrew Hunt 2 days ago
5:00 I'm no expert but I do believe this engine is coil on plug, not coil on windshield.
Dakota Faircloth
Dakota Faircloth 2 days ago
you need to special catalog some stuff
Dakota Faircloth
Dakota Faircloth 2 days ago
Cummins swap westen
Drae Drae
Drae Drae 2 days ago
Its offical, this is the worst purchase yet 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yogis Friend
Yogis Friend 2 days ago
You said it..and I can see what's Cummin
Jeff Markum
Jeff Markum 2 days ago
Westin your right it needs a Cummins LOL 😆
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 2 days ago
“This is built on pure America! what the fuck is that?” hahahaha loved that part
Christian Pönopp
Just gonna say:"There is a spare cop car engine somewhere around and may be ....ONLY MAY BE...a few little 80mm Turbskies...!"
Itsyourboyjoseph 4life
You should take the lift kit and put it on the hellcat
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 2 days ago
Thanks, I hate it.
Jimmie Robertson
Jimmie Robertson 2 days ago
That car sounds like a dying lawnmower 😂.
Brandon Eller
Brandon Eller 2 days ago
we all just not going mention the car next to it in the garage
jryde421 2 days ago
Indeed said you hiring.
Pyro Maniac
Pyro Maniac 2 days ago
I would have payed $1500 for thst any day lol
Casually pulls out an ignition coil from the engine bay
Tamaskahh 2 days ago
"Lawn mower swapped lincoln"
Caleb Merchant
Caleb Merchant 2 days ago
That sounds like my lawn mower😂😂
CodyG 2 days ago
I love you bro
Jokerted 2 days ago
Walking in with the red t-shirt and straw hat I thought Cletus was guest starring.
Bea Whitehead
Bea Whitehead 2 days ago
What happened to the peterbilt
Billy Raniello
Billy Raniello 2 days ago
*Reads title* Westen-lin diesel?
e.g.a. 2 days ago
I see potential in restoring that Lincoln.